What Pound Wait Is Good To Kill An Animal With A Crossbow?

I planning on buying a new crossbow, but I want some insight on some other peoples ideas. I wanna buy a barnett crossbow, but the one I want is 150 pound and is 345pfs. WOW, Any suggestions?

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4 thoughts on “What Pound Wait Is Good To Kill An Animal With A Crossbow?”

  1. Have you used a crossbow before? If not you are in for a surprise. They are only good at close range and good compound bow will have a much flatter trajectory than a cross bow at a distance. When you fire you can see the bolt go straight for a bit then drops like a rock. Also the speed factor is very misleading. A bolt going 360 ft per sec weighing less than a arrow shot from a bow at the same speed will have less penetration. Its weight plus speed that gives you good penetration as well as the right broadhead.
    Example, I have a very old 95 lb PSE compound bow that will send a heavy arrow with 125 gr broadhead completely through a deers rib cage where as the 180 lb crossbow my son has will not go through a deers rib cage at 35 yards. Heck even the 250 lb crossbow I own won’t go completely through a deer’s rib cage at 35 yards. And I have seen ads that say a 150 lb crossbow is good out to 60 yards and that pure bullzhit unless it’s a rabbit!
    So if you plan to hunt anything larger than small game or a coyote then get a 250 lb crossbow that has a hand c0cking device and use heavy broadheads.
    I have seen too many wounded game from the wrong bow or crossbow set up. Consider nothing less than 180 lb draw weight and keep your shots close.

  2. That particular Barnett is an excellent choice for game the size of a white tail deer. The minimum recommended draw weight is 125. Another important factor to look at is the foot pounds of energy generated. Barnett’s web site has this factor listed for all their products. OH, and there has been a bit of misleading regarding the effectiveness of crossbows by anti cross bow groups that prefer vertical weapons. A well placed shot WILL give an excellent pass through on a well placed shot within 45 yards. My father has used a crossbow #125 since they were legalized here in Michigan and filled the freezer every year.

  3. Well the thing is with a crossbow is that hunting with it may be illegal. In most state crossbow hunting is illegal unless you get a special type of permit which can only be had if you are disabled and physically cannot use a regular bow.
    As for poundage you need 150 absolute minimum. And practice, practice, practice.

  4. make sure it’s legal where you live. buy some hunting bolts and practice ones and after you get good you can hunt whatever. it’s not the size of the bullet, it’s bullet placement.

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