US Archery Supplies is back!

US Archery Supplies is back online!!!!

Hello Fellow Archery Enthusiast,

Me and my beautiful wife, Jamie

Me and my beautiful wife, Jamie

My name is Matt Barlow. I have been shooting archery since 1980. I started out with an old fiberglass recurve Bear bow. I never really got into it that much as a child, but was a fairly good shot considering I was never taught how to shoot that old bow. I used to shoot at just about anything that I could, foam, milk cartons, birds… You name it. Once I had lost all of my arrows, I was done. ¬†It was a different world back then and archery was not as BIG as it is now. I really didn’t get back into it until I was 16 years old. You see, I LOVE deer hunting!!!! I wanted more opportunities to kill deer throughout the season. In the state of Tennessee, we have separate archery, muzzleloader and rifle seasons. At the time, the only deer that you could kill during the rifle season was bucks. ¬†During archery season though, you could also kill does.

My first compound bow.Darton SL 50

My first compound bow. Darton SL 50

So, I expressed an interest in archery again and thankfully my dad went to to the local bait shop/archery shop and bought me an old, used Darton SL-50 compound bow and a half dozen aluminum arrows and a target.